Friday, July 25, 2014

London's Skin

Little London has always struggled with super dry skin. It seemed like it was getting really bad the last couple of weeks. Specially on her little left leg, right behind her knee cap. We had started using the Target brand baby wash and noticed it got bad, so we stopped using it and we went to Babies R Us and spent nearly $50 on special soap and lotion for eczema. It's amazing how expensive things are but it was really worth it if it made her feel better. 

Today I worked a lot. I got up and worked 6 am - 8am then headed to Pat's office from 8 -12. I came home, packed the girls and took Mya home. We played with the Scottorns for an hour, headed home for naps. I ran and then worked for another hour. 

The girls woke up and we eat dinner - orange chicken with rice.After we facetimed with my mom. Tyson got home and had another bad day at work. It's been hard because it seems like this entire last month has been filled with horrible tenant issues and the gate keeps breaking down. 

We went on a walk to let off steam. We put the girls to bed at 830, then I headed back downstairs to finish a little more work before heading off to bed. 

It's time's like these - when you are in the MIDDLE of working toward your goal that it seems it will never happen. You keep chugging along and doing your best, delaying gratification and praying it all works out. You wonder how anyone does it. Still I have faith that we'll look back on these years and say "wow those were the good times". 

Tomorrow the girls have therapy and then we start to get ready to go on our big trip to visit the Bugarins :) 

Friday, July 18, 2014


Today I worked from 6-830. Then we played outside. After London's morning nap we headed to the park and played for over an hour while I listened to a webinar on my headset. 

We came home, played, girls down for nap, I took a much needed shower, then worked for 90 minutes, Sydney got up and crying so I went to lay with her. She was back sleeping in 25 minutes. Came back down stairs to work on my website copy. Them recorded another webinar. 

Tonight we head to visits with the church missionaries and them home. It's pizza Friday so my oven is warming up. 

It's been a good week. I feel really really blessed. I teach Sunday school this week so I need to get that ready. 

This week I washed my tip couch cushions. So this free snow is what Tyson and Sydney did to "help" me. At night Sydney has been loving using her little broom to "paint" with water. She loves it. Ty and I will sit out in our front porch enjoying a warm summer night and Sydney will spend a good hour just playing in the water. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

London pictures

I found these on Tyson's phone and thought they were too cute to pass up. Man this little lady has grown up so much. 

4th of July Pictures

Morning: hit a festival at the park

Afternoon: went to a huge fair at the dicks arena

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Playing around

Tyson was working at a different site so we thought to meet him, share a sandwich and played at Northfield mall. The girls loved the little bear playground.

Playing around

Tyson was working at a different site so we thought to meet him, share a sandwich and played at Northfield mall. The girls loved the little bear playground. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

London first steps

The girls have been in therapy for three weeks now and are both making fantastic progress! We have Nikki - OT, Kellee - PT, Jeanue - speech. Sydney is doing great at saying 4 word sentences, moving her tongue to both sides and moderation in eating. London has takes her first steps! It was last Sunday after church. We were hanging out downstairs and she was standing up. Tyson encouraged her to come to me and to my surprised she did it! Three steps! Later that week she took 5 steps to Kellee. 

We are so excited for their milestones. London has started saying half words. She can say:

Nana : bananas
Ya : yeah
Mana : mama
Dada : daddy
Wawa : agua. 

It's been a blessing having so many wonderful therapist.