Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Life Lately

Our life in one word. R.E.M.O.D.E.L.

For the most part everything we think about, spend money on, talk about, worry about - revolves around the house. I suspected it might be this way but i had no idea how exhausting it would be. 

Tyson and I are trying desperately to enjoy every little bit of time we have together. The girls are thankfully doing well - loving going to the house. Last week we had to keep using the white civic and it was so painful and annoying. This week we have our sweet van back and I am so thankful.

We are making progress thought. Work has been keeping me busy. I am working on learning how to run webinars for a client and also how to launch a new course. It has been a BIG learning curve. I am really anxious at night trying to get everything ready. This week we had two runs with the system and they have gone better and better. I'm excited for it to be done. 

It's Been Said - Sydney

When you are in trouble and time out.
"mama are you happy with me"
"Mama are you sad at me"

When you wake up from a nap
"mama I want 10 lollipops"

When you are trying to change London by yourself
"London is poopy, I help her"

When you are turning on the light in the closet
"mama close your eyes ok, it's bright"

When I asked you why you were hurting books at school
"cause, it makes me happy"
me: What about your teachers?
"it makes them sad" 

When you want to see Handy Manny
"mom, I get Handy Manny TEN times (you put up all your ten little fingers)

When we drive by Goddard
"hey Mama, I see my skoo;"

When you are saying prayers
"henly fudder, thanks today, bless mommy, daddy, londin ... name christ ,,amen"

When we feed the missionaries
"its my missinaries, its my missinaries"

When London follows you to the potty
"London, I big girl, you baby, privacy please"

When we are laying down cuddleing
"mama how is your day?"
me: My day is going well. How is your day?
"mama my day is good"
me: Say well Sydney
"my day is good" he he he 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Debbie and Gaylan Visit

Gaylan and Debbie left last night after staying a week with us. We were so sad.

We had quite a week. Tyson and Gaylan worked every day non stop 12 hours. They were animals. They finished putting up the new cealing, put up two walls, two doors, cleaned up the worksite and finished the pillar. 

Debbie and I helped with puddying the walls, pulling a bizzillion weeds and watched the girls. Debbie was also an angel and helped me do 4 test runs of my Webinar training. 

Debbie and I had lunch at Huckleberry's and Infinity Pizza. We also got massages at Massage Envy - spoiled! 

The girls loved their Grandma and Papa Gerber. Every morning they had a cute little gift or game for  the girls. During the middle of the week a weird spring snow storm passed  by and dropped 6 inches of snow but it was all melted the next day. 

We had a scary experience when the girls got into the Thyroid pills from Debbie and we think they ate some. We rushed them to Childrens Hospital where they were watched for 5 hours - thanks to prayers both girls were great and nothing was wrong. 

Debbie and I talked, as always, about everything. Debbie is so interesting to talk to and has such fresh views on life and parenting and marriage. I love talking to her. 

Saturday we had lunch with Tom Razo and we wen to three open house in the million dollar communities. We  picked up the girls and Papa Gerber took everyone to ice cream before the airport. Both girls cried when they left. It was so wonderful to see the girls really love them and connect with them. We were amazed at Gaylan's focus to get the house done - you could tell his love language was helping his son as much as possible. It was really humbling to see him work so hard. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some house photos

Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Photos

Easter 2015

We had a great time at Tala's house on Saturday between conference. London did not really care but Sydney has such a blast! She scored big time. 

Sunday we went to the baby blessing for Evan with jay and Sarah. We then had a dinner with the stallings for Easter. We met our wonderful neighbors - Kristen and Tim. Their girls are just our age and so cute!!!

It was a wonderful day! We loved conference and it was nice to actually have Tyson home since he has been gone all day with the house, work and seminary.   

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Demolition Day

So Saturday, March 28th we had our DEMOLITION PARTY. It was such a success! From 9 am 4 pm we had about 20 people show up to help it. It was amazing! The ward members came and help filled up our 30 yard trash dumpster. 

I had my girls and the Ellis girls and we played in the park for 3 hours. It was pretty exhausting but the girls did great. We even walked to the Libberts house for a potty break. 

When we came back we had the pizza delivered - by a special angel who paid for it all. BLESSINGS! We then started on the pond and then we found the snakes! 8 to be exact. The girls were all screaming and everyone was laughing. It was really fun. I took the girls home for naps from 1-3 and came back. I worked on the yard and taking out all the rocks that we wanted out. 

We finally left the house at 530. We came home, I showered and watched the Women's Conference on the TV. 

We were SOOO tired but felt so good. We had so many blessings with this house. People showed up, helped, gave us old tools - it was just such a blessing. We have felt like the Lord has helped us and guide us so much. 

Since Saturday (today is 7 days since we closed) we have started our furnace, took down the walls, bought tile, and got plans for our bathroom downstairs. I can't pathom how much we accomplished in 4 days. Tyson worked 12 hours a day during the time off. Now he is getting up early, going to the house before work, then going after work and working until 10 pm. 

It's been hard. It's been hard to be a "single mom" and even thought I know it's just for short time - I am learning so much and have been humbled. I am SO thankful for Tyson and all that he does when our life is more normal. 

Our goal is to be done by July 1st. I don't know if that is doable but we will work on it until it's done. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

First couple of days

The last couple of days have been a blur! All day WednesdayThursday and Friday have been non stop. Tyson has been at the house 12 hours each day and we have achieved SOO much! Jason Northrup has been there both days and has single handedly torn apart the bathroom and laundry room. It's amazing! 

We have all the popcorn cealing down, all the baseboards and room boards, all the flooring. TODAY Tyson, Jerry and Jason took down a wall and put up canned lights - the whole place is shambles. Mess, nails, dirty, dust, mouse poop - its all there. 

Today I took them all dinner, Tessa and her kids met us at the house. We walked to the park while more work was done. I have had so much help from Meghan Cheney and Amanda Calley - watching the girls while I went to help. I have been getting up every morning with Tyson at 5 am and working so I can help at the house. We are tired - but also have a lot of energy. We are excited and I think we are just amazed at what we have accomplished in two short days. 

Tomorrow we have our big Ward Demo party. We got the big 30 yarder dump truck that we expect to fill up tomorrow - which is what we wanted. Then we can throw the rest away little by little. 

The girls haven't seen Tyson in two days but we want to take advantage of the time he has off.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Home Closing + First Day

We closed on our first home. Holy cow. Both Ty and I woke up at 5 am on Wednesday 3/25/15. He taught seminary and I worked. 

He got home at 715 am and we got everyone ready. We dropped off the girls at school and headed to the closing office down the street. We actually got meet Jack Manfield and his son in law, Billy. We were a little scared to meet them - we had negotiated back and forth so much. 

Well our fears were quickly put to rest. Jack was a kind man, who was moving back to Laramie WY. Although we are not sure why, it seemed like selling the house wasn't exactly what they wanted but a situation had come up. We talked about some questions we had and they were very kind. They loved that we had a young family and even said that the fact that we were a  young family helped in them choosing us. They talked about the fireworks you can see in the back yard on July 4th and the school in the back. They talked about the cat's his wife had and how the swamp cooler worked great. The talked about the roof being replaced just 5 years earlier. They talked about the house having great bones, but needed fixing. 

The papers took a long time but after studying we felt really great about it. No last minute changes or crazy things were found - we had prayed a lot that we would not have any surprises in the closing. Pat was there and Brian, our loan guy, were there. It went super smooth. We took lots of photos - the feeling was calm and excitement - no fear. 

When we finished Pat took us to  lunch at Ted's Buffalo Steak House - SOOO good. It was right in Bradburn - which is the area we love. After we went to the house for the first time. We were giddy driving up because now it was ours! 

The house was smaller than we remembered and we quickly realized just how much work there was - but it was ok because we were taking it one thing at a time. 

I left to pick up the girls and take them for naps - Tyson changed and got to work. he got all the carpet taken out. He is pulling out doors, floors, lights .... anything he can. After naps I drop off the girls at Amanda Calley's house and I headed to help Ty. We pulled out tacks from the wall and I started to take off switches. The basement smelled SOOO bad with the carpet up. Oh it was so nasty! We opened all the windows trying to air it out. We headed to Home Depot to buy our first supplies - a tarp, tape, water pump, gloves it was $101 - the first of MANY more trips I'm sure. 

Tom Razo met us at the house and we figured out the load bearing walls and the downstairs configurations. I started to get really anxious around this time - it seemed like the project was just too big! I could feel my heart start racing. Tom and Tyson seemed so sure of themselves. 

Tom left and we continued to take doors our and more flooring. Tyson started on the popcorn cealing. I picked up the girls at the Calley's and headed home. I worked while the girls had a snack and we all went to bed at 9 pm, which is very late for the girls. 

Tyson got home at 930, prepared his seminar lesson, took a shower and went to bed.

Talk about a busy first day of home ownership!!!! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Day In Our Life

Tyson woke up at 5 am to go teach seminary.
I wake up but cave back into bed. I'm up at 530. I go put my contacts on and head downstairs in my PJ's.

I start working and work on InfusionSoft, doing blog post. I have a conference call at 730 am. I come down at 8 am and kiss the girls good bye. Tyson had dressed them, did their hair and have them ready for school. They are off to school at 815 am.

I work straight from 8 - 1130. I do two super quick pick ups while I am downloading something for a client. I start dinner at 12:30 by making the rice for Ham Fried Rice. I go upstairs and pick up the bedrooms. I put on pants and head to Goddard. 

We get home around 1 pm. The girls have a yogurt for a snack. London goes down for a nap from 130-4 pm. At this point Sydney wants a bath to go "swimming", I draw it for her and I start watching a webinar online and answer more emails. Sydney gets out at 230 , we get dressed and she watches a show on the Ipad. 

I eat lunch (which is WAY late for me) so then I watch a show while I walk. London gets up at 4 and we eat a snack while I finish dinner. 

The girls watch a show and then we all play outside. The girls eat dinner at 530 and then we start cleaning up and pass the vacuum. 

Tyson gets home around 630 and we play. Sydney did not take a nap so she was in bed at 630 - she cries for a little bit but is sleeping after 15 minutes. 

London and Tyson do "file folder games" and we have a super quick FHE. Tyson puts London down at 745. I go up and get ready for bed. Tyson heads off to Best Buy and I get into bed. I'm sleeping by 845pm.

Overall it's been a great day!