Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seminary graduation.

Sunday we went to the seminary graduation. Ty attended and I played with the girls in the nursery. After the girls got big cookies for being good. Life was awesome! 

At the photo booth

Daddy and London were busy playing at the dinosaurs. Sydney wanted to take photos but we decided to make our own photo booth. We had a great time - it lasted 5 minutes but the pictures show how much Sydney loved it. 

Monday, May 25, 2015


Lately our life has slowed down and sped up at the same time. 

Our situation with the house has really slowed down. We were working with someone to trade work for living in the house and that deal went sour. Because of that we have really stopped going to the house until he is out June 3rd. It's been nice to have Tyson home more but also sad that the house seems like a long ways away. Our goal was to be in there July 1st but it looks like its more like October now. As frustrated as I am , I am just SO grateful that we live at ESS. It's been such a blessing. I continue to count my blessings for being here. 

In a  weird turn of event, I got two news clients. I wasn't looking for new clients but it worked out. Both ladies are wonderful. I am mastering Mailchimp, Insightly and other programs. I feel so grateful for the chance to learn and also the new income. Our remodel is over budget as it is - so we are saving every penny we can. This week has been really really long. I've worked 7 hour days most days to get everything done. Last night I was in bed at 630 PM I was SOOO tired. 

I am really missing my family. I know I could go to Utah but they all work and until my work slows down, I can't imagine working with the girls at home. Maybe my mom could come visit us? She is just very busy. 

Tyson has been sick for a month now. It's his sore throat again. We have gone to the doctors and they said it's probably strep and have given him the medicine, but honestly it's not much better. I'm hoping he feels better soon.

Tyson finished the seminary school year on Thursday. We. ARE.SO.HAPPY. 

We have seen so many blessings from seminar but it has been a lot of work. Sinc we got the house it's been even harder. This last week was the worse. Tyson was so sick, could not sleep and still got up at 5 am. To make things worse he would only have 2-3 students and they did not even pay attention. I am SOO impressed by Tyson and his ability to finish it. It's a thank less job and it feels like you never made a difference but Tyson still did it. He spent hours planning lessons. he really put effort into it. 

So Thursday we kidnapped him early from work. We got Ice cream and then attempted to eat at Lucky Pie with the Lybberts. But after an hour of waiting we decided to go home and order pizza. It was still super fun to surprise him and tel him that he is our hero. 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Birthday - 32

I turned 32 this year. Man what a year. I'm officially in my thirties. This year was such a blast! It's the funniest thing because no present were exchanged, no parties, no days off - but honestly this birthday turned out to be so memorable. The feelings and overall sense of the day was pretty magical.

For starters I got up early - at 530 - to work. The girls were going to be off Thursday and Friday, so any work had to be done early. Well I got up and went downstairs, the usual "happy birthday" sign was up. The balloons from the visiting teachers were handing. All of the sudden I turned and I see a WALL OF STICKY NOTES. 365 to per exact. All of them with a specific thing that Tyson loves  about it.

Ever since we got married I have always had this thing about "I love you". I think the phrase is so overused. We use it a lot in our  marriage. My favorite thing is to "I love you because ...." and I like to hear specific things that you notice or I do. Tyson has been amazing at always noting the little things I do. We always do the top 10 or such list. This year he went above and beyond. What's more is that I stayed up late because I was excited. Poor Tyson thought I was going to be bed at my usual 9pm but I ended up staying up until 10:30 - so poor guy got up at 230 am to do this. What a guy!

Tyson left for work, the rest of the day we had errands, we went to the park, we played. Then at 545 I was giving the girls a bath when Kim Trato called me through the window. So I went down and she handed me an envelope. It said

"happy birthday! You have 15 minutes to get ready for our surprise date"

So I ran upstairs, got ready and go the girls ready for bed. Tyson got home and Sis. Murphy followed.  What a fun surprise. Both girls were in bed at 645 pm. We jumped in the car and headed out. We went to Joannes for  zipper for two of our couch cushions. Then we stopped by to get Tyson something to eat - I had eaten a big pasta dinner with the girls so I was not hungry but Tyson had not eaten anything all day. So he grabbed Wendy's and we headed out to my favorite little town - Lousiville. Tom Razo recommended we go to "Huckleberry's". We got there and this little restaurant was so cute - straight off the Gilmore girls. We had Peach Pie, German Chocolate Cake and Ice cream - it was amazing!!!

During the dessert Tyson had printed out a ton of questions that we asked each other. It was such a fun a time. We really got to know each other. It was so fun! Just like when we were dating.

We drove home and were home by 930am. We were both super tired. The birthday wishes from Facebook and text were really nice. It was filled with the people that know me and love me despite my shortcomings. I was so reminded that our future is wonderful and how blessed we are.

What  a great birthday!

Example of things Tyson wrote on sticky notes:

You humor me
Your hot stuff
The compliments you give me
you are witty
how much you taught me about myself
How you come from a strong line of successful women
your morals
how you talk about me
for not being a hermit like me
you are my #1 fan
you clean my car
how you understand what I'm going through
how you help me try to solve my problems
I picture us old together
how you are taking time to read each one of these notes
you love me with your whole heart
I can trust you
you act the same around friends as you act alone
you join me in our journey
when you scratch my back and legs
how you always share your feelings
how easy you are to talk to
I dream about you
how you will never give up on me
your humor / your burst of laughter during Modern Family
you like Scandal
you get crancky when you are cranky
you are not embarrassed by me or our life
you play with my hair while I drive
you are willing to give to others - S & L
you believe in me - truly believe in me and that makes me what to prove you right
you are positive
how you do the girls hair
your passion for personal growth and learning
how you pretend to be interested in the weird YouTube videos I show you
your passion to better our marriage
your passion to make sure the girls go to a good school
your passion for life
you sweep, vacuum do the dishes and laundry - its a lot of work
you are a great role model for our girls
your incredible drive in everything that you do
the story of when you knew I was the right guy in Bear Lake
how you say "keep it together Gerber" when I cry
The way you act when you lose. You are a great sport.
your outlook on life
the friends you have chosen
you always invite people to help them feel included
you love my family and you love them more everyday
you are a doer - not a lolly gagger
you honestly want me to be happy
i love how you dance when noone is looking
you are beautiful
you work even when it scares you - but you keep going anyway
you considered living in Logan :)
you don't let money or things define who you are
you are not materialistic
you listen to NPR and now I do too


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cute photos

This was for pj and pizza day at Goddard. The girls love wearing their pjs. Sydney looks so big in the first photos. I cut the girls hair last week. I don't think I will do it again - it was straight but it could have looked better. Oh well at least I tried. 

Jael visits

We had Jael, Owen and Logan visit us for the weekend. It was so fun! Saturday we went to the museum. We went too all the cool exhibits. The kids loved the exploration area. We went to huhot for dinner and played at the park.

Sunday Jael helped me a lot at primary - I messed up on the time. Woops! Next week will be better. We visited our houses on Sunday and walked in the neighborhood. We also took the kids to the park.