Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Day In Our Life

Tyson woke up at 5 am to go teach seminary.
I wake up but cave back into bed. I'm up at 530. I go put my contacts on and head downstairs in my PJ's.

I start working and work on InfusionSoft, doing blog post. I have a conference call at 730 am. I come down at 8 am and kiss the girls good bye. Tyson had dressed them, did their hair and have them ready for school. They are off to school at 815 am.

I work straight from 8 - 1130. I do two super quick pick ups while I am downloading something for a client. I start dinner at 12:30 by making the rice for Ham Fried Rice. I go upstairs and pick up the bedrooms. I put on pants and head to Goddard. 

We get home around 1 pm. The girls have a yogurt for a snack. London goes down for a nap from 130-4 pm. At this point Sydney wants a bath to go "swimming", I draw it for her and I start watching a webinar online and answer more emails. Sydney gets out at 230 , we get dressed and she watches a show on the Ipad. 

I eat lunch (which is WAY late for me) so then I watch a show while I walk. London gets up at 4 and we eat a snack while I finish dinner. 

The girls watch a show and then we all play outside. The girls eat dinner at 530 and then we start cleaning up and pass the vacuum. 

Tyson gets home around 630 and we play. Sydney did not take a nap so she was in bed at 630 - she cries for a little bit but is sleeping after 15 minutes. 

London and Tyson do "file folder games" and we have a super quick FHE. Tyson puts London down at 745. I go up and get ready for bed. Tyson heads off to Best Buy and I get into bed. I'm sleeping by 845pm.

Overall it's been a great day!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Caught in the act

Tyson took this picture when he surprised two giggle crazed sisters last night. It was 20 minutes passed their bedtime. Was there frustration? Sure but what I love about this picture is the fun they have together. I remember always playing with my sister and causing all sort of nice trouble. I remember going out in the roof in Nicaragua and going to the neighbors - always together.  Our new house has plenty of bedrooms but our girls will share - they love it and give each other comfort. I shared until I was 16 and when we finally got separate rooms it took a while to get used to it. I missed my sister. 

So here's to siblings that share and laught and stick together. There have been nights where we go to get Sydney to the potty and she won't be in her bed - she climbs into londons crib and they sleep together. It touched my heart. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's warm!!!

It's been almost 70 today. After several weeks of being inside due to snowstorm after snowstorm it's finally warm. Sydney has been reallt struggling at school the last two weeks. Today she was ripping paper in books. It came out of nowhere. She has always been emotional but never hurtful. We are trying to really talk to her about right and wrong. Today she had no shows - thank heavens it's warm so we are not inside all day. Today I got up at 6, worked until 1230, picked up the girls, put London to bed, cuddled with Sydney, did more work, walked for 40 minutes, made dinner and now we are outside. Our printer has died so we are going to go buy a new one tonight. Glad this happened before the house closed. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Craft time at school


We have lounged around with Denver having two big snow storms. We have been drinking lots of green spinach and kale smoothies. The girls love to put on tysons hats. 

London skin issues

Poor London has had some bad books in her inner thigh. It's so sad. We have been letting walk around naked trying to air out her skin. We have antibiotic cream and been putting on lots of oils on it.

Friday, February 27, 2015

House Hunting

We started looking at homes in November. We got pre approved and stared the hunt. We saw about 10 homes and got really discouraged by the little inventory and prices. We were looking everywhere in Westminster and Broomfield. We laid low during Christmas and started again in January. We went to a ton  of open houses, we went to many more homes. We  put in an offer on an auction house in Broomfield, then we put in an offer on a big fixer upper in Broomfield, then we put in an offer on a house in the Greenway Golf course - which was excepted but they wanted 10K more. 

Then we saw 1156 Harlan St. It is in the neighborhood we want and backs out to Ryan Elementary. The house itself has good bones but its in bad shape. 15 year old carpet, nasty kitchen, downstairs, has no carpet and full of cat pee. The paint is awful and old. But we knew that it would give us what we wanted and be in the schools that we wanted. So we put a offer. The asking price was $235 and we bid $255 - we got the offer,

Four days later we had the inspection. It found several big issues - bad furnace, no AC, radon issues, carbon monoxide issues - we were pretty scared but with Tom's help we could get it done really nicely. We got bids on all the items. We asked for 15k off to help with repairs. They came back at 7000, we came back at 12k, then they came back at 9500 and we finalized it at 10K. So we got the house for $245k. 

We are getting the appraisal next week and hope to close at the end of March. Overall the experience has been exhausting! Emotionally super draining.  We had so many discussions with our realtor - most of them heated. We were getting educated and just wanting to make the best choice. Pat Salankey was our Realtor and he was amazing. So patient - specially with Tyson. Tyson experienced major REMO and had so much anxiety.  He would ask SO many questions and his biggest concern was that we bought at the very height of the market. 

We found out yesterday and immediately got down on our knees and said a prayer. We prayed so much over this house and the whole experience. I felt like Heavenly Father had really led us through the whole process. 

Last night we stopped at King Soopers and got some Ice Cream and celebrated buying our first home. We sat at the table, the four of us and talked about this house. It has been a LONG time coming and this house dosent just represent a new place to live - it means we are staying in Denver, which we love, in our ward ... all the things that mean community to us. We are so thankful for the learning we have done. I think it's also fitting that we celebrated 5 years in Denver this February. We came to Denver because of PFS but I always always felt that God and Colorado meant more than that. We've had our kids here, we became a family here. We have changed so much during our time here. We have learned to rely on each other and on total strangers - who now love us like family. I am so thankful for Denver and for that crazy idea Tyson had 5.5 years ago to move away from everything we knew and start over. Here's to our little green house. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crazy night and Crazy hairs

This is what I look like when the girls stay up all night. 

Nothing too excited has been happening. We have looking for a home - we have seen 30 places so far, put in three offers - nothing has panned out.

We went to Dinner with Tom and Rebecca Razo last night. One of our favorite activities. We have such a good time. We talked business, savings, kids, breakups - everything. They are so easy going. I love how they don't take themselves too seriously. 

Today was a warm day. We had  picnic in the park and played outside for two hours. I would LOVE to live near a good park. Right now we live near two but we have to cross a major street to get there. I would love to be in the same street. 

The girls have been recently upping their crazy activies:

1. Sydney put a a to of cheese pieces inside our bedroom standing fan.
2. They have gone in our family close 4 times TODAY and messed it all up. I make them clean it everytime but nothing seems to deter them from doing it.
3. London randomly takes off half her shirt at night
4. Sydney has started to want to pee inside buckets and bathroom garbage cans - NOT the toilet
5. They love to hide our keys
6. Sydney loves to strip down naked
7. Sydney is super emotional lately and when London tells her "no" Sydney burst into tears. 

Life is pretty casual. We are excited to head to Utah in March for my council Reunion. Tyson is excited to see his family. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Birthday - 32

I turned 32 this year. Man what a year. I'm officially in my thirties. This year was such a blast! It's the funniest thing because no present were exchanged, no parties, no days off - but honestly this birthday turned out to be so memorable. The feelings and overall sense of the day was pretty magical.

For starters I got up early - at 530 - to work. The girls were going to be off Thursday and Friday, so any work had to be done early. Well I got up and went downstairs, the usual "happy birthday" sign was up. The balloons from the visiting teachers were handing. All of the sudden I turned and I see a WALL OF STICKY NOTES. 365 to per exact. All of them with a specific thing that Tyson loves  about it.

Ever since we got married I have always had this thing about "I love you". I think the phrase is so overused. We use it a lot in our  marriage. My favorite thing is to "I love you because ...." and I like to hear specific things that you notice or I do. Tyson has been amazing at always noting the little things I do. We always do the top 10 or such list. This year he went above and beyond. What's more is that I stayed up late because I was excited. Poor Tyson thought I was going to be bed at my usual 9pm but I ended up staying up until 10:30 - so poor guy got up at 230 am to do this. What a guy!

Tyson left for work, the rest of the day we had errands, we went to the park, we played. Then at 545 I was giving the girls a bath when Kim Trato called me through the window. So I went down and she handed me an envelope. It said

"happy birthday! You have 15 minutes to get ready for our surprise date"

So I ran upstairs, got ready and go the girls ready for bed. Tyson got home and Sis. Murphy followed.  What a fun surprise. Both girls were in bed at 645 pm. We jumped in the car and headed out. We went to Joannes for  zipper for two of our couch cushions. Then we stopped by to get Tyson something to eat - I had eaten a big pasta dinner with the girls so I was not hungry but Tyson had not eaten anything all day. So he grabbed Wendy's and we headed out to my favorite little town - Lousiville. Tom Razo recommended we go to "Huckleberry's". We got there and this little restaurant was so cute - straight off the Gilmore girls. We had Peach Pie, German Chocolate Cake and Ice cream - it was amazing!!!

During the dessert Tyson had printed out a ton of questions that we asked each other. It was such a fun a time. We really got to know each other. It was so fun! Just like when we were dating.

We drove home and were home by 930am. We were both super tired. The birthday wishes from Facebook and text were really nice. It was filled with the people that know me and love me despite my shortcomings. I was so reminded that our future is wonderful and how blessed we are.

What  a great birthday!

Example of things Tyson wrote on sticky notes:

You humor me
Your hot stuff
The compliments you give me
you are witty
how much you taught me about myself
How you come from a strong line of successful women
your morals
how you talk about me
for not being a hermit like me
you are my #1 fan
you clean my car
how you understand what I'm going through
how you help me try to solve my problems
I picture us old together
how you are taking time to read each one of these notes
you love me with your whole heart
I can trust you
you act the same around friends as you act alone
you join me in our journey
when you scratch my back and legs
how you always share your feelings
how easy you are to talk to
I dream about you
how you will never give up on me
your humor / your burst of laughter during Modern Family
you like Scandal
you get crancky when you are cranky
you are not embarrassed by me or our life
you play with my hair while I drive
you are willing to give to others - S & L
you believe in me - truly believe in me and that makes me what to prove you right
you are positive
how you do the girls hair
your passion for personal growth and learning
how you pretend to be interested in the weird YouTube videos I show you
your passion to better our marriage
your passion to make sure the girls go to a good school
your passion for life
you sweep, vacuum do the dishes and laundry - its a lot of work
you are a great role model for our girls
your incredible drive in everything that you do
the story of when you knew I was the right guy in Bear Lake
how you say "keep it together Gerber" when I cry
The way you act when you lose. You are a great sport.
your outlook on life
the friends you have chosen
you always invite people to help them feel included
you love my family and you love them more everyday
you are a doer - not a lolly gagger
you honestly want me to be happy
i love how you dance when noone is looking
you are beautiful
you work even when it scares you - but you keep going anyway
you considered living in Logan :)
you don't let money or things define who you are
you are not materialistic
you listen to NPR and now I do too


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Playing and lunch at the park.