Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life with kiddos

1. Sydney taking photos
2. Sydney spreading my mascara 
3. More mascara 
4. Taking selfies of themselves


This last week we went to children's hospital for londons skin. Since the summer her skin goes in spurts of awful eczema. We are currently on several steroid creams to help it. We were again told the same thing - keep it moisturized and lots of lotion, cream and short nails. Truth be told it gets frustrating to hear the same thing over and over. We keep fighting the good fight. 

I also attempted to do a girly thing but going to a free craft night at Home Depot. Bad idea. I took Melissa and met four other ladies there well Home Depot thought they were just showing us what to do instead of letting each of us do one. Well we complaint and at the last minute they attempted to get the materials to make one. Three hours later we still weren't done. We took the pieces home and finished it the next day. 

It was really funny but really upsetting at the same time. I won't be doing that again. 

Tomorrow I teach Sunday school on the tents of zion and strengthening our communities. Next week is thanksgiving and I can't believe it's here let alone Christmas. This year we'll have a super simple Christmas. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween to Christmas Tradition

Well haloween came and went.  The next few weeks were filled with amazing weather. Well November 10th rolled around and it got cold fast. Im talking about highs of 10 degrees! We fed the missionaries on the 12th and continued our tradition of putting up the Christmas tree. It was a blast! The girls really enjoyed it this year. We also continued the tradition of putting Christmas books instead of gifts under the tree. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Leaves

We swapped babysitting with Meghan Cheney family tonight and since they live so close the girls and I walked there. Their community has tons of big trees and big leaves. We stopped for 25 minutes to play the girls loved it. There is something do romantic about these leaves. The weather has been awesome. 60s and sunny days. It will all change on Monday when the highs will be 30 sowe are soaking in the warm days today we went grocery shopping, played at the Braeburn park, went to an open house and then home. It was a busy morning but so great to be out of the house 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Giggles with daddy

Nothing beats having fun with daddy. Tonight was playing bull and hide and seek upstairs. Our girls love their daddy - and so do I!

Today we had a play date with Jessica Bigler. She is from Logan And knew Tyson growing up. It's a small cache valley world! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sydney at 3 years old


You are three. You can say it and even put your fingers up now with the correct amount. It's been quite a year for you. You are such a talker now and say the most innocent things. Your speech therapy is awesome and you love "junay" you are really great at following directions during your lessons. You figured out what having a friends means and actually like play dates. You ask for Emma and Alicia several times. You recognize places and remember what we promise you like going to the park or giving you a treat. Your really keep us accountable. You love London and get really sad when she wont play with you. You have all the sudden fallen in love with her blanket and really struggle to follow directions when London wants it for herself 

You love being outside. You love the  playground and park. You love to push the stroller but can't stir. You love to be read to. Your favorite books are a pop up book, I love you forever and bearstein books. Oh and go dog go. 
You enjoy church and are so much better at sacrament. You are also getting into coloring books as long as I do a page too. You are struggling to get to bed at night. You love to come out a lot. We hope to give you your own room at our someday new place. 

You're really kind but still very emotional. You really love to be held and require a lot of comfort. You get a little jealous that London gets to be carried but not you. You sometimes try to be a big baby but prefer to be a big girl. Potty training is getting better. You need to be reminded a lot and nights are still rough. We usually take you twice before bed then at 2 and then at 5. 

Sydney you are such a fun girl. I Sergio strong you are and that you lead vs follow. You have a kind heart and always worry when others are hurt. You thrive in key relationship like with London, me and a few close friends. You really enjoy each activity and are getting better at diving in and just being joyful. I am so thankful for you. You are such a light and a Constant reminder of they key things in life. This year we dos a small cake just for our little family. It was so sweet to hear you sing happy birthday to me - all day long. I'm so happy you are growing up and loving life. 

Halloween 2014

Halloween was really fun. London went to Goddard and Sydney stayed with sister Murphy. After naps we played around and then Tyson got home early. We got dressed and headed to Stacey's house in Arvada. We had a great time trick or treating with them. They had lots of kids and it was a great neighborhood. We got home and both girls in bed by 8. Ty and I ate candy and watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special. Sydney really got into Halloween this year. She was saying everything and was excited for more. They loved Stacey's red wagon and wanted to sit in it all night. It was a warm night - 60s which was axing for Colorado. Sydney was a princess and London was a lady bug. Debbie sent them the cutest Halloween package with glow in the dark bags - which was amazing since we did not have any thanks Debbie and Gaylan. Tyson was meyham from the all state commercials. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch + Sydney Selfie

The weather has been amazing this month. The last two days we hit 82! Record for Denver. We have lived being outside and Sydney has been really loving the leaves in the front yard. We didn't buy a pumpkin but we played in the kids area. 

Sydney has also learned to take selfies. She thinks it's so funny!