Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sick Sydney

Sydney came home today from school saying her tummy hurt. We tried going pee, poop but nothing helped. She took a short nap but woke up that her tummy was hurting. Around 430 she started to
Throw up. 5 throw ups, 6 towels and two changes of clothes later you find us here.

On the bathroom floor, next to the toilet. She has not eaten anything and I tried to give her apple juice but she threw that up to. Poor girl :( 

London is as happy as a clam though - she gets to watch all the Dora she wants while I stay close to Sydbey. 

Before Photos - 11536 Harlan Street

I just got these off the MLS. Since we are a month away from actually finishing, I wanted to share them so we can compare the changes :)  These were all taken February 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun School Activities

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Random photos

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yard Update

Man things really got into high gear after we came home from Utah. I've become a single mother 6 days a week.

He take the girls to school in the morning, heads to work, then heads to the house and does not get home until midnight. The only exception is Sunday's but he usually sleeps most of the time.

Honestly I am doing better than I thought. I always looked at those mom's that never saw their husbands and had kids and wondered how they do it. Well now I can see that its possible. At the same time I am not great mother. I lose my temper more and I am just so tired. Many times the girls watch acouple of hours of TV. But I also realize this a season and this is not normal, for which I am grateful. It helps that it's summer and I can take the girls out. Last night for FHE I met the girls and we went swimming with the Cheney's. It was such a blast. Our girls just love Marlee and Brooke. They are a wonderful family.

The texturing is done :) now it's painting. We have the Sherwin Williams Consultant coming on Friday to help us pick paint but we are busy starting to prep everything to get primed.

The young men called us and asked if they can come help us do some yard work - score! So they are coming tomorrow to get all the rocks underneath our tree. The will also help us clean up the side yard. I'm excited because this  means we can get things prep and start reseeding the yard for next spring. We also got rid of the nasty crab apple tree on the side of the yard and we had the same guy trim our tree in our front yard. It looks so bald now - but it was so overgrown.

The yard is slowly making progress and next year it will look so great! I'm especially excited to get the girls a swing for the shady tree. We got the fence fixed, we got the rocks taken out and we took out the nasty crab apple tree in the front. We also got rid of all the extra pavers we had in the back.

I've been getting back on my craigslist kick - mostly because it is almost time for the house to be done. I am seeing somethings that worked when the girls were small - don't work for us anymore. I sold our bathroom vanity, and today my treadmill. My treadmill was hard but I came to the conclusion that now I can go to classes - which I have always always loved. So I sold it for more than I bought it. It served us so well for two years - but it was time to go.