Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Morning Routine

I started this course by Money Saving Mom - its on getting the most out of your mornings. I have watched the first 4 videos. They have been really fun and short. Honestly most of the stuff she teaches I am already doing - we have a great routine at night and make sure everything is cleaned up before I go to bed. I always make the girls lunches, I have my list of things to do, I make sure the kitchen is clean. 

Somethings thought I am not doing well. She talked about the "rocks" in her life. The rocks are the big things you want to accomplish. She talked about how if we don't put the rocks first then we will just spend our time doing "sand" projects - smaller and important, but not our CORE things we need to do to really live a fulfilling life. Our homework was to figure out what our rocks are. I have to say that was hard for me. I like to get up and start working right away, but I also noticed that I felt like I was leaving some really important things behind. So after thinking I started thing my rocks are:

1. Read my scriptures and pray
2. Get ready for the day - something outside of PJ's
3. Exercise -- although I am happy to count our family walks and bike rides
4. Spend time with each girl and Tyson and have them feel individually loved
5. Reading

After really trying to figure things out I realized that I need to focus on my rocks and that usually means doing that FIRST in my day. So I've been getting up at 6 am and atleast reading 5 verses in my scriptures and saying my prayers. I have also been getting ready first thing when I get up. I am going to make time to read in the afternoon or right before bedtime because it really relaxes me and helps me sleep better. I was putting reading off but man I really miss it. 

Tyson got a bike and we have gone on bike rides. We loved them and the girls request "bicycle ride" every night when daddy gets home. 

There are 10 more lesson's and I'm happy to learn. Crystal, the lady who does is, runs a successful blog, helps homeschools her kids, exercises and is very active with her church. I want to be more intentional with my time. I'm so grateful for my work - it really stretches me to become better with my time and to see what is really necessary in my life. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life lately

1. We attended a Minimalist Book Reading  - my idea, not Tyson's. We had dinner at Billy's Inn.
2. For Father's day we invited the Libberts and Bigler over for a BBQ. We had a blast and had great food.
3. I took the girls swimming at the Ashby's pool. I can't even describe how much we loved it. We have gone twice and plan to go lost more. Syndey and London have really really taken to the pool.
4. Tyson loves to make the "burrito girls"
5. We have gone to the Peter Pan park where we get an awesome splash pad - Awesome. Not so awesome is that Sydney always happens to need to poop during our afternoon play time and we end up going to the bathroom 4-5 times and she refuses to go because she is scared of the toilet and I'm trying to keep an eye on London - let's just say I want to pull my hair out. Gotta love the potty training.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Random photos

Sunday before church
Bike riding with the burley 
Tyson sanding our master vanity
Tyson getting kicked out of his car after helping in stake conference - president Hickman drive him home. He has just been release from being the president after 10 years. He is a great man! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Girls haircut

I had the girls cut 4 inches two weeks ago. Sister Lyndford did it. She was great. The girls hair is so much better and easier to manage. 

Yard update and swimming

Well after a month of non stop rain we finally got to our yard again. Tyson has been mowing it, trimming it and edging it. I have focusing on the weeds. Oh the weeds! Some as tall as Sydney. These photos do not do it justice. I spent about 5 hours pulling weeds and spraying weed killer. The worse are the thorns but I got taken care of by buying and wearing two pairs of gardening gloves. 

This past Saturday I took the girls swimming in the Ashbys pools. They were in heaven. It's been so amazing to see them older and just happy to be more independent. 

This weekend we have also sold several stuff on craigslist. This next two weeks will be big ones for the house - jerry is going full steam with the house. Hopefully this means I'm the next three weeks we can start painting. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Angry London

So London has been tough - she is most definitely in her twos. Today she was refusing to nap and would pretend to hide in our stair basket. 

Her latest fascination is screaming really loud. Even Sydney has started talking to her about hurting our ears :) 

Still London has the sweetest face and sometimes she holds my face in her little hands and starts talking and talking. She is a ball of fire and love all in one. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seminary graduation.

Sunday we went to the seminary graduation. Ty attended and I played with the girls in the nursery. After the girls got big cookies for being good. Life was awesome! 

At the photo booth

Daddy and London were busy playing at the dinosaurs. Sydney wanted to take photos but we decided to make our own photo booth. We had a great time - it lasted 5 minutes but the pictures show how much Sydney loved it.