Sunday, January 25, 2015

Date day and museum visit

Ty and were able to enjoy a date day. We picked up our walmart to go order, went to the hot tub at Paul derta and had lunch at Hu Hut. It was really yummy. 

After we took the girls and got a membership at the Denver museum of nature and science. We had a great time and plan to go back next Friday with some friends. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Things I do to save time and simplify

I've always wanted to write down the creative ways I try to organize my life

Share socks with Tyson. We only buy one kind of black and one kind of white. We don't put them in pairs but just grab two socks because by they match

I wear the same clothes for 4 days at a time. Since I work from home I end up wearing the same thing everyday. They don’t the get dirty either because I am just home. Tyson wears uniforms to work and will wear the same outfit for three days. 

We put out our clothes the night before. We make lunches the night before. 

I vacuum upstairs every other week. I only wash the floors once a month or if company is coming over. 

I menu plan and order my groceries with Walmart to go - it's been amazing. I just swing by on Fridays and they put in my groceries In the car. This alone saves me 3 hours per week

Eat the same foods on rotation so I am not always wasting time figuring out new recipes.

We do all our stuff online and have monthly budgeting meetings. 

The girls wear only legging jeans and shirts. They each have three dresses for Sunday but no fancy stuff during the day. 

We don't do any extra activities yet. Most likely swimming or tumbling will be our first activities but maybe next year. 

We clean up every night. We simplify and rotate our toys and only keep 10 out at a time. 

We have six pairs of pants and 12 shirts for each girl. We only have one light jacket and one heavy jacket,

We don't plan more than one outing per day. We plan our driving to be the most efficient. 

I wash the counters with the rag I use to wash the girls while they are taking baths. 

I buy the girls clothes a size bigger so I don't have to shop all the time. 

We limit the amount of books we have our and rotate them. 

We only use the same tubberwear so they stack. We only use 10 small plates and canning jars as cups. We only drink water from water bottles so we don't dirty cups. 

We don't wash our sheets often. Probably every couple of months. Some say it's dirty but we shower at night so most of our skin is already off. We also got rid of all our decorating pillows - this makes our bed making easier. 

I use the same bowls that stack on each other. If we have a party I always use plastic to save clean up time. We have two pairs of shoes for each girl - Sunday, boots for winter and maybe some rain boots. 

We have a family closet, which saves us tons of laundry time and getting dressed time. 

The reason I do this and other crazy things is because I believe in being intentional about everything I do. I feel like I have matured so much in this aspect. I don't want to be busy for the sake of being busy. I don't believe in letting my house get super messy just because I have small kids. Our routines allows more time to work on our goals and to be together. 

One of the only reasons I am able to work almost 30 hours per week is because my life is simple and I am intentional with my actions. Between Tyson doing work, seminary, another business and me working, the girls, teaching Sunday school, maintaining the home - we could so easily get busy doing just stuff. But with our routines our choices are limited. 

I heard that the president only wears two suits and has the same breakfast every morning. Ice heard of successful people wear the same thing - why when they have the resources for more options. It's because they do t want to "think" about trivial things. Their energy goes toward the bigger goals. I believe so much in this concept of even just to our small family 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Toy Story

We watched Toy Story 3 today. Wow I forgot how darling these movies were. I cried so hard at the end. We stayed home all day. Tyson made shakes and we  played games. Tomorrow we plan to do something fun after I work. I love how both girls were cuddling the entire movie.

The winter is rough. We are usually a big walking family but freezing winds keep us inside. I can't wait until warm weather gives us a change to go on our nightly walks to the park. Man we loved those. One of the things I want to focus on in 2015 is walking in my treadmill. This is a huge key for me to stay active and have the energy I need to accomplish my work. It allows me to stay focus and get my "wiggles out" as we tell the girls.

My first big goal is to get my blog book done. This would be our 5th book and I can't tell you how happy I am I started and continued this tradition. We look at our books often and it brings me so much joy to see and read about the girls and daily life.

Visiting jay and Sarah

We drove to greely to see jay and Sarah Bugarin. Boy we had a blast. The food was amazing and the girls were amazing during the hour long drive. They are such cute friends. We always have the best time. We me Evan who was just 5 weeks. He is a little champ and eats a lot.

Jay requested I make my famous chocolate cake - it was so yummy and everyone loved it.

New Years 2015

This year was s lay low New Year's Eve. We went swimming with the girls, shopping for food, watched movies, played at home, bought pizza and smoothies. I was in bed at 9 pm with Sydney. Tyson made it to 1030 pm.

Life is much simpler these days. With me working I've had to really scale down on activities but it's been a great learning experience to just be at home. It's been tough to work with the girls home the last week and half but Tyson has been a great help and I've been getting up early (4am) to get work done. 

I am launching my first infusion soft campaign which bombed! But Im learning a lot and I plan to keep getting better. I usually do lots of goals - and although most of the same ones are still there I think Im going to not be too specific. Every time we have made plans nothing has happened , so Im moving forward with an open mind to what Heavenly Father has for me. 

Im excited for 2015 and my one big wish is that we decide were we want to live and buy a house. Tyson said year 8 is the year but we'll see.

The day after new years was a blast. We went sledding for the first time. Sadly we forgot our phones but in a way it was great because we were fully present. The girls had the best time. We even found a tiny hill and the girls went down by themselves.

Later that day after naps, Tyson and Sydney built their first snowman - complete with an Extra Space Storage beenie :)

We went to eat at Cafe Rio for dinner with a giftcard and then went to play at Paul A. Derda rec center. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas crafts

Here are some crafts that girls made during school for us. Super cute!

They go to Goddard four days a week from 830-1230 . I pick them up right after lunch and we go home for naps. There teachers are awesome. They do so many great activities. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2015

We woke up at 7 and got ready. The girls were so excited to go down stairs. Sydney kept saying "it's a kitchen it's a kitchen".

We opened out stockings, the missionaries came over for breakfast and to speak with their families. 
We opened more presents and then went outside to play. It was londons first real snow and she loved it! Sydney was also in heaven. 

After that we had lunch and watched a movie and then it was naps. We had sister Hines join us for dinner and opening the rest of the presents. 

That afternoon the snow started and came down hard - about 6 inches. Boy were we glad for a warm home. It was a relaxing Christmas. The girls were fun but I am glad we kept it simple.

I love the photos of London crying - because that is sooo life right now. Happy moments and very sad moments. We attempted to take a family photo but no luck - oh well.