Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy anniversary - 8 years

We got back from Utah on Sunday and the next day was our anniversary. Tyson worked on the house all day and I got right back into work. We did not plan  anything since we were playing catch up. But Tyson surprised me by texting me at 5 and told me to get ready. Sister Murphy came I've to watch our girls. We went to panera bread for dinner, go karting at highland hills and stopped at Barnes and noble to share a drink. It was really relaxing and it just gave us a chance to talk. 

Wow 8 years. That's closer to 10 and yet we still feel like we are so new at this marriage thing. I've learned so much about myself being married to Tyson. He really is an incredible person. I get to seal the little things that he does just because he is a good person. I feel closer to him now than I ever did before. 

We talked about the home and the girls and just life we talked about how blessed we feel. There have been many sad days but the good days are many more. We are both good at creating A+ moments and trying to keep the other person in consideration. I love you Tyson. You are my best friend and I am grateful that we are together to keep fighting another year. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Utah photos part 2

Utah part 1

Parents Visit + Utah Vacation

Parents Visit 
We had my parents visit July 10th - July 17th. Then all of us drove back to Utah.

The amazing thing was that my finger started hurting two days before they got here. By Saturday, it was really swallen and hurting. We went to dinner at Lulu's and ice cream at Sweet Cow. After Tyson drop me and my mom at the Instacare. It was fast. They said I had an infection and needed to cut the nail out. I got three shots - which I was awful at. I was crying and trying to breath in and out but I started shacking after. 

They came in and had to give me another shot at the nail because I could still feel it. then they took my nail out and also but my finger open to release the pressure from the blood. It was SO weird. Tyson and my mom were really good to help me. 

I got super sick and dizzy after and we still had to go to the 24 Walgreens to get my medecine. We finally got home around 1 am. I am so thankful that my parents were there. The medacine made me so sick. I was in bed the entire next day. I did not go to church. When I got back we went to Ike and I sat in the wheel chair. 

Monday was better. I worked but mostly stayed in bed. Tyson was gone all week - he was working every morning on the house - went to work, - then back to the house after. My parents were amazing. We went swimming on Tuesday and the girls loved their new floaties. Sydney even swam - on her own - with them. She was so happy.

Wednesday we hung out at home while the girls went to school. Thursday we cleaned and got r eady for the trip. Friday we left at 645 am. We stopped three times and took it really easy and slow. They girls did great. We had no accidents and we all really enjoyed it. 

Utah visit part 1 and 2

Saturday we went to see Daybreak model homes and splash park. We came back for naps and then hung out with Melynda and Marco that evening. We went to eat at the Olive Garden. We did not get home until 10:30 and the girls were loving it. They are taking great naps but staying up way late. 

Sunday we went to the park and to eat. We had a big BBQ with everyone at the house. It was amazing to see our entire family - how big everyone is and how our little family is growing. We have cousins and fun memories. We still all really enjoy being with each other. It' s big blessing. 

Monday my mom had a mini crisis - one of her ladies did not show up. Tyson was AMAZING and went to Pepperwood to clean with my mom. She said he was the best worker. After we went to visit my Abuelita and see the new house of Tio Eric. We all went to Outback Steak house to eat. The girls got butterfly balloons and were so happy. We came home and packed. We headed out to Logan Tuesday morning but stopped at the Grand on the way there to say one last goodbye to my mom. 

Parents visit

4th of July

Our 4th of July was really productive and relaxing. 

Tyson had a very rare Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Friday and Saturday were spent totally at the house. We also picked out our hardwood floor - wed found a gorgeous Hickory wood on clearance at Floor&Decor. We were able to get enough of it. It was delivered on Monday.

I cleaned up the yard, transfered rocks and picked up trash.

Tyson did some sheetrock, flooring and helped Jerry. It's slow coming along. We should have the dry wall up this week and then retexuring next week. 

On the 4th we works on the house, I took the girls for naps, worked. We went to the Ashby's house at 6 pm for a BBQ. Tyson joined us two hours later. We had yummy food and for the first time I had my girls stay up for fireworks. They were both scared and happy. Some of the fireworks were loud but they loved it and kept asking for me. Sydney kept saying "I can't believe it"

We got home late - 10:30 PM! The girls were so happy though. The next morning they were both up at 7 am :) Silly girls. 

We are loving summer - just being able to be outside and be warm - it feels so nice. On Sunday we went on a big hour walk and we had a blast.