Saturday, February 6, 2016

Awesome Saturday

Today was a great day! Tyson made pancakes in the morning. We lounged all morning. Then at 11 we went to Home Depot for our last items for the house. We got there and they were having a kids activity so the girls got to paint mailboxes. Then we walked to king Soopers and got 19 pizzas! They were 2.5 each! This way we are stocked up for three months.

We came home and Tyson and London took naps. Sydney and i played, read books and got our swimming stuff ready.
After they woke up we went swimming, we took full showers after at the rec center. Then we had cafe rio with a buy one get one free coupon. The entire family ate for $10! It was awesome. 

We came home and the girls watched a movie while Tyson put on some door knobs. Today was just a great family day. It was relaxing but productive. We have a very busy three weeks ahead of us andv I am so thankful we got to just enjoy today n

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snowed in

This week we got over a foot of snow. We shoveled our sidewalk 4 times in 24 hours. Tysons car slid big time. 

Today I had a class with pat on real estate. Then I picked up the girls. They played in the snow and then came in. Abby came over to play. Both girls were in bed at 630. Then Trent came over to watch the girls while Tyson and I went shopping for his big trip next week. I  am so excited for this trip. Tyson deserves a break plus recognition. He is such a hard worker.   

I started reading secret garden to the girls at bedtime. It's our first chapter book and I actually really enjoy it. It's nice to read an actual story line. 

London has the biggest freak out this morning. She refused to wear gloves and went outside and got snow in her hands. I brought her inside and she freaked ou She cried hard for 10 minutes straight. Finally she calmed down but man it was a bad tantrum. Sydney has been more even in her emotions. She is really trying to get a Gold day at school. She tries to be an extra helper. She really does love to play and help. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Awesome Saturday

Well our first Saturday at our house has been awesome. We woke up, has breakfast, the girls watched a movie and I worked on my blog book. Then we took my bike to Sprouts. We got oranges and apples. Then we biked to the park. We came home, took naps. After the girls played in the front yard and rode their bikes with other small kids. We swung on a neighbors swing and I cleaned the garage. They played with Abby. 

On Sunday we had Tim and Kristen and the blakelys over for dinner and watching the football game. That is my favorite part of this house - the relationships that we are building and the community I feel here. I feel so blessed. Our house is big enough to entertain but small enough that we can live here without too much to maintain. 

Sydney got her first ear infection this week. We went to the instacare. She is on antibiotics since its bacterial name does not blow out her buggers. I've been riding my bike almost everyday - even today when it was 35. I love it. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Riding my bike

I rode my bike today to pick up the girls for the first time. It was awesome!!! This is a goal that I want to do a lot now that we are here. We stopped by Ryan park for 30 minutes and got home. It was really awesome. My ears got cold but thankfully I brought my scarf. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First couple of days

We have been in the house 4 days. It's been so neat to see how different it feels. Everything is exciting - like our first shower, first time using the stove, first time going on a walk, first time using the garage - it's all so exciting. 

At night we have been able to really sleep soundly. The cooler air plus just how quiet and dark it is - really gives our bodies rest. At ESS ,we always had super bright lights all around us all night long plus lots of noise. Here's it's quiet. 

Tyson and I had an accident where he accidently busted my lip with the TV mount. It was awful but I'm feeling better now. 

We are still doing lots and lots of projects though. Last night we put up mirror's in the bathroom, we still don't have doors on either bathrooms or any kind of rugs, we still have not used the dishwasher or clothes washer. So it's slowly coming along. As long as I can contain the clutter we are doing better. 

Our tiny kitchen is working really well so far. Having the pantry on the other side helps. Last night we finally got some coat hooks up and a key hook by the entry way - it looks so much better without all the coats everywhere. I took our first shower this morning and the water is hot and pressure is great! Yeah!!!

We walked to the mail yesterday and then the park and then back home. It feels really good to be in. It really does feel different. 

So this week Tyson will be finishing up just putting stuff up and we want the TV to go up too - we have been keeping it in the office away from the girls. Our internet should be up and running next week sometime. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Last day

It's been a crazy day. We woke up at 545 and have not stopped. I had a call at 630 with leslie, then packing, taking the girls to school at 8, then picking up Tyson at Home Depot, then driving to Boulder for refactor U. 

After we drove back picked up tysons Carr and had lunch. Then I picked up the girls and we went home. I started throwing as much away and packing our last items. I was able to clean out all our boxes by posting them for free on craigslist. Then back to more packing and throwing away. Tyson got home at 5 and we drove to pick up the moving truck.

We got home at 630 and both girls were out so we put them to bed. Then we took off the TV, carpet, and basically packed up any last minute things. I cleaned out the fridge, took my last shower and put one final load of laundry in. 

It's bittersweet to have this time end. Next month would have marked 6 years of living at a facility. Part of me can't believe it's been that long and just how blessed we were to be here. We both both of our babies to these places. They allowed me to sustain us during Primerica, have both babies without any worry of money, work part time, stay home for 18 months and ultimately start my VA business. This apartments allowed that to happen. 

I always felt like life was much less complicated here. It was hard earning so little but it allowed me to explore minimalism and that has changed me profoundly. I am such a different person in terms of material things. I hope I can maintain that with our new green house. 

I took a long shower - I loved the shower here. Always hot and hard pressure. It was amazing. 

I looked around one last time at our big kitchen and bathroom. I remember being so awe struck by this apartment when we moved in. 

But with all the good came the bad and as my much as I will miss the free everything I know it's time for us to move on. Time for Tyson to excel, time for a real neighborhood, a school and doing more. I will always remember this house and be so eternally grateful for our time here. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First week of 2016

Well the first week of 2016 has been busy. On top of working, getting back to school we are also moving next saturday the 16th. Tyson has been at the house every night so Im back to single mom status. 

Thursday we went to the children's wow museum, Friday sister Murphy watched the girls for 5 hours while I started cleaning the house, Saturday I moved more stuff in, cleaned more then had a birthday party for Emma. 

It's been a big week. Im amazed at how much moving shares things up but thankfully we are doing it slow rather than one big move. I've been able to organize the new kitchen and closets. Even after massive purging I still can't believe how much stuff we have. Im doing more purging as we speak. 

The house is coming along but there is still lots to do. Part of me wishes we could stay longer and finish up the projects but after 10 months of going back and forth we are just so tired of it. 

The girls loved having a birthday party with Emma. It was princess themed. 

The house is getting more and more basic. Today I packed a two week luggage so I could take everything else to the house. Well take more loads tomorrow. 

Ps. Tyson bought two lottery tickets tonight for the powerball. I think it's kinda dumb but him and Straton love to dream about what they would do with the money. Tyson would do an animation school and a big house in Utah. I would move to Utah with a paid off home. Give money to each family member and save the rest. I would continue working for my clients but have a nanny help me with the  girls. I would also do private homeschool for the girls. Hey we can dream right? 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End Of 2015 + New Years Eve

It's 6:30 am. I'm upstairs in my bedroom in the rocking chair. The girls were up coughing since 5:30. I was in bed at 730 pm last night because of 5 days of accumulated bad sleep plus starting my period - so yeah overall pretty crappy sleep all around. 

Since my parents are visiting both girls are in my room. Tyson is exhausted too. We both go up and gave the girls water, cough medicine, holding hands ... man this parenting thing is tough on you. 

Since I was already up I got up and got work done so I can enjoy the morning. I'll work again in the afternoon. I'll let the girls not nap today and put them down early hopefully. 

So today is the last day of 2015. Man! This year has flown by and when looking back the single word that comes to mind is "house" or green house as the girls call it. 

This entire year has been about the house. First finding the house, then closing the house and finally renovating the house. What was suppose to take 3 months has now formed into 10 months. What should have cost 20k, turned out to be 40k.

I keep telling everyone that "we will never do this again" and I mean that. This scale of  renovation has been so hard on our family and marriage and finances. We have been uberly BLESSED through it all. From people helping, letting us borrow tools, finding stuff on sale, being able to sell stuff on craigslist .. etc. But my heart is heavy and my soul is tired of our family not being able to be together. Tyson's back has been hurting, the girls have been dragged to Home Depot a bizzilion times. I'm so glad its almost over. 

Still the house was the BIG one but other sizeable events happened.

2nd year of seminary
My business really growing
The girls thriving at school
Tyson getting a bonus and winning awards
traveling to Utah
Selling everything we could on craigslist to help offset the house cost
Getting awesome new neighbors. 
Me starting Primary presidency

I feel like this year my backbone had grown a lot. I feel like I've learned to bite my tongue more and learned to be more adult about hard situations. My heart is calling for rest and more walks and more active simple things. I am so excited for the summer and my bike and riding and testing out my "1 car" theory. 

I am so grateful to spend today surrounded by my family and seeing the progress we made. I'm grateful the girls are older and potty trained and can talk to me. I'm grateful that I have turned to the Lord and had Him soften my heart. I'm grateful for my clients. I'm grateful for my health and my desire to be active. i'm not sure what we will do tonight - honestly sleep is all I want, but tomorrow will be a new year and I am grateful we are together to experience it. 

*** Update - for new years eve we stayed at home. At 8 pm Tyson did a "fake" countdown with the girls. We got a funny 3 minute King Julian countdown. Each girl had a pot and pan and when we "struck" midnight, we had a dance party and said Happy New Year. the girls were in bed at 8:30 and Tyson fell sleep with them. I was in bed at 9:30 pm and my parents made it until 10:30 pm - so not a super rocking New  Years Eve but it was so fun to spend it with them. Hopefully next year it will be a little bit more active ***

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gerber Family Photos 2015