Saturday, November 28, 2015

Putting up the tree

This year we broke our tradition and out the Christmas tree by ourselves. Usually we have the missionaries over. The girls were so excited and honestly the out most of the decorations on themselves. I love our small tree. I love that all our decorations fit in one box. I live that I don't need a perfect tree and that the girls can have fun. Tyson mentioned wanting a bigger tree but honestly I don't. I love small and simple. 

The girls specially loved when we got out our Christmas books. We will get another one this year to continue the tradition. 

Playing in the snow

My mom got the girls these awesome winter suits. The girls can play outside and be perfect. London refuses to wear her hat but I keep putting it on. My favorite is Sydney trying to eat the snow. I totally did this too when I was younger!


Our church did some service by serving thanksgiving dinner to an old folks home. I took the girls and we helped serve the food. We also got to eat and take a plate to Tyson. The girls had a blast 

Thanksgiving 2015

Well this year's Thanksgiving was one for the story book. It started out great. It snowed all day, Tyson was home and cleaning up the house was a snap ( I love being minimalist :) 

Well we got the turkey ready and preped in the oven by noon, then everyone went to take a nap and I worked. 

Well at 2:30 I checked the turkey and realised that the "clean oven" light was on. Well when yo "lock" the oven it automatically switches to clean mode - who knew? Well I freaked out and I started to actually cook the turkey. 

I texed the Biglers to let them now to come at 5:30 instead of 4:30

Well everyone arrived, the turkey was smelling great. Well at 530 the timer beeped and I took at a look at the turkey - the roasting bag had melted  - totally disappeared. So I called Tyson to show him and he said we could not eat it. So with everyone here at 6 pm, we had no turkey. 

I was mortified. I was horrified. and so embarrassed. 

We eat ate a vegetarian Thanksgiving. I kept telling myself that It was not that bad or that it was funny - but it did not feel funny. I kept thinking "what would I tell my girls on how to react" and I knew I had to just make the best of it. So I apologised to the Biglers and they were amazingly gracious. This will be our last Thanksgiving with them since they are moving back to Utah - but what a night. 

They left at 730 pm and we were cleaned up in 20 minutes. It was amazing how fast we cleaned up. We put the girls to bed and we finished watching the Scortch Trials movie. I was in bed at 930. 

So lesson's learned.

1. Double and triple check the oven.
2. Cook ham
3. Have frozen pizza just in case :) 

I have so much to be thankful for, especially the fact I even have a Turkey to ruin. The fact that I had people over, food to serve, issues to be had.... it made me realize the small things in life. 

So here's to 2015 Thanksgiving! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fun memories

Our Sydney

Tyson and seminary

This was Tyson teaching a lesson about sacrifice - he was sacrificing a Virgin. This year has felt so different in seminary. Funny enough Tyson goes every day but teaches every other week. It's still hard to do seminary, work the house and family. We all go to bed early but Tyson has learned so much and the spirit is stronger in our lives. I am so proud of him. 

Girls and our balcony

I was earing out the girls room when I started to hear thumping - after the 10th time I realized that they were throwing stuff out the window. Tyson went out and rescued our kitchen toys

Tysons birthday

Halloween 2015

We hit our ward Halloween Party, then we went Trick Or Treating at Bradburn. The entire day and night was gorgeous!