Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter did not go as planned. Oh man. After a fantastic week with Melynda and Marco we are dealing with sickness. 
Tyson had been coughing on and of for weeks but it got really bad after they left. Saturday we both felt crappy but Sunday struck me way way hard. No church, no Easter bunny and we canceled our dinner we planned for friends. 

I was in bed for 8 hours! It was crazy. Tyson took care of the girls and let me sleep. It was nice. So we surfaced Monday morning feeling better. We stayed in all morning but hit Louisville Main Street during the afternoon. It was gorgeous weather. We walked and shared ice cream and enjoyed the cute houses. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Geronimo visit

Melynda and Marco came and spent a glorious five days with us. Funny that I said glorious since poor Gabriel gut sick and now Sydney and I are sick, however it was so fantastic in many ways. We had to slow down for baby's. This meant we could talk and reconnect. We did the fun simple things - walking to get yogurt, going to church, playing play dough, coloring, dying eggs. We went to the children's museum and watched movies.

I was a little scared it would be an awckard visit but it was do great. Everyone worked together and was courteous. Melynda and Tyson spent hours talking about business stuff. We feel so blessed to have such great friends. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Geronimo visit

Things we did:
Children's museum
Walking to king snoopers
Going to church
Swimming at Paul A. Derda rec center 
Watching movies
Playing a dice game

Table top

First step: missionaries sanded most of the table stuff. I spent another two hours sanding it some more. 

Second step: I primed everything but the table tip and chair seats. This took about 3 hours. 

Third step: painting all the chairs and table bottoms. We did three coats and took us about 5 hours. 

Fourth: Gigi Gomez came and helped me stain the table top and table seats. This took forever and we messed up. We put too much stain and after 10 hours it was still wet. We took a layer off and put heaters on it for 10 hours. It was finally dry but we did not have time to put pilyutirayhr on it.  Honestly I am so done with the project we probably won't put it on and just leave it as is. 

Final results: even with no covering I think it looks awesome. So glad it's done. This work is hard and took three times longer than I thought but I'm glad we did it because it still looks better than the grumpy table too we had before. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

This week in pictures